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The process is very simple:

1.- Check the products that are in season. If you have questions, contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

2.- Order the desired quantity of each product.

3.- Perform the process of buying and save your voucher.

We will receive your order which will immediately will be dealt with by our production manager who will go through the following process:

1.- If weather conditions are favourable (remember that GoodOranges does not store oranges, they are picked for each order) your order will be picked up from the tree and prepared the same day for dispatch.

2.- Our quality control that reviews each order before dispatch to your home.

3.- The order will be sent via Carrier to be delivered  to your home/delivery address within a maximum period of 48 hours.

4.- Each box has a number of dispatch and a batch number. Retain these, please, in case there has been any incident in the delivery.

Our greatest satisfaction is that you enjoy the best oranges in the world that have just been picked freshly from the tree in their optimum condition. Our team of professionals are on hand to look after your needs.


Production Manager:                   Juan Garcia            jgarcia@goodorangees.com

Marketing Manager:                     Paula Bosch           pbosch@goodoranges.com

Quality Manager:                           Patricia Bosch        pcbosch@goodoranges.com

Sales Manager UK, Ireland:        Brian Fagg             bfagg@goodoranges.com