The orange, apart from being a delicious fruit, is rich in vitamin C and other trace elements, all of them being very good for the human body.

It gives name to a colour (the colour orange) which is one of its principal qualities, and makes it unmistakeable.

Its consumption is as good as it is healthy, for being very rich in natural sugars, and can be eaten or, alternatively drank in the form of natural orange juice, with results that are extremely delicious for a great number of people. This last format is a very good way to get children to eat fruit and other natural products.

Its high content in fibre, that results in benefits, even if drank as juice (if you don’t filter out the pulp left after juicing them, giving the juice a more natural and nicer consistency).

The tree that produces them, is of a reduced size (no higher than about two and a half meters tall), and can only survive in climate conditions of very determined areas of the Mediterranean, that combine high temperatures, adequate soil for their cultivation, and the presence of something that can sometime be hard to come across in the Mediterranean: Large amounts of water.

It is believed that the cultivation was expanded from oriental Mediterranean to occidental Mediterranean by the Moors in the IX century.

In the past century, it was very much appreciated in many Northern and Easter European countries, where it was considered as a sweet, and in many of them they were given to friends as something very special at Christmas and New Year, and it was only one piece (they were very expensive and almost considered a delicacy).

The best conservation of the quality of oranges, requires that its consumption happens not long after collecting the fruit, and specially THAT IT HAS NOT SPENT A SINGLE DAY IN A FRIDGE, since this makes then loose a large amount of their properties and even the excellent taste they have when picked from the tree.

For this reason at “Good Oranges” we have created a personalized picking system that guarantees you to receive the oranges in the best time possible 48/72 hours after being picked.

The results are of excellent quality, and have nothing to do with the products that you can find in any supermarkets.