In the region of the ”Ribera del Jucar” and in the province of Valencia you can find the best conditions (soil, climate, water …) for the cultivation and proper care of any variety of orange and mandarin that we know of, and this has been known for over 200 years.

Unfortunately, the interests of big companies and a demand that has no idea of the real value of the product, have imposed a commercialization that puts aspect before content, and moment before season, so what this means is, we prefer a good looking fruit to a nice fruit, and an earlier one to one in optimal season.

It Is because of this, that the traditional farmers in the area y the Bosch family as one of the first (since 1895), have found that the direct sale, using modern technologies, is the best way to connect orange and mandarin production with the highest quality to the consumer and at the best possible price, creating the brand “Good Oranges” with a clear international vocation.

Our appreciation and respect for our clients have made the oranges from our farm are the fruit of over 100 years of experience, over 4 generations that have given their knowledge and techniques to get oranges of high quality.

Dedication and experience would not be sufficient without counting on the most efficient, modern and respectful (to the environment) technologies, that we can find nowadays (controlled treatments, localized risks, qualified personal, total traceability, etc…).

The I+D department of “Good Oranges” experiments constantly with new varieties with the idea of completing the cycle of offer on time and quality that our clients demand, and are working to launch new products as mandarins and oranges for the following campaigns that we are sure will be a delight to our clients.